I'm Jon Buscall, a documentary, portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. I also photograph a lot of dogs! 

 Photographing in Sigtuna, 2015

Photographing in Sigtuna, 2015

I am a documentary, family, portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Well, I live in Täby, one of the suburbs! 

I'm passionate about photography, making photograph albums, Liverpool FC and podcasting. And my first love are basset hounds. I've bred four litters and although I'm not one of those crazy dog show people, I am a crazy dog owner! 

If you're looking for someone to help you document your family memories through photographs, talk to me. Or if you're a business, looking to tell your story with photographs that tell the unposed story of who you are and what you do, contact me. 

My photographs have been used in national newspapers like The Guardian and The Times, SvD and Dagens Nyheter; my photographs have also been regularly used in advertisements and on business websites. And of course, I love to take photographs for everyday folk like you. 

Det går bra på svenska

Jag har varit i Sverige i över 18 år så det går bra att prata svenska ! Självklart!