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Documentary & Event Photography, Stockholm


I'm Jon Buscall, a documentary, portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. I also photograph a lot of dogs! 

About me

Hi, I’m Jon Buscall. Thanks for visiting my website. I am a full-time photographer based in Stockholm (Täby), Sweden. I am equally happy photographing business or family events, journalism or lifestyle. I also photograph real estate.

My overriding approach to photography is to find and document the art of the everyday, and I particularly believe in capturing real-life events or milestones in people's lives. The same goes for business customers too where photographs help tell the untold story of your business.

Pictures are our only defence against time, our only evidence, sometimes, that we ever even existed.
Photo: C. Von Steinbauer

Photo: C. Von Steinbauer

Digital is fine, but prints really matter

It’s important to use photographs online, particularly if you’re a business; but I’m passionate about printing photographs and the need for all of us to safeguard our memories. You'll often find me making photograph albums whether for clients or myself.

Professional Experience

My photographs have been used in national newspapers like The Guardian and The Times, The Times Educational Supplement, Svenska Dagbladet and Dagens Nyheter; my photographs have also been regularly used in international advertising campaigns, business websites and business social media streams. And of course, I love to take photographs for everyday folk like you.

Not just photography

As well as photography, I love Liverpool FC and podcasting; my first love, however, are my basset hounds. I've bred four litters and although I'm not one of those crazy dog show people, I am a crazy dog owner! 

Let me help you

If you're looking for someone to help you document your family memories through photographs, talk to me about how I can help you. Or if you're a business, looking to tell your story with photographs that tell the unposed story of who you are and what you do, contact me. 

Går det bra att prata svenska?

Självklart! Jag har varit i Sverige i över 18 år så det går bra! Inga problem!


Follow me on Instagram

The photos I post on Instagram are typically candid street photography plus the occasional dog photo. I’m constantly photographing a wide range of things for work as well as in my free time. Instagram, for me, is both a way of sharing some of the things that I see through my camera as well as promoting the bits of professional work. Because my preferred style of photography is documentary, candid photography this is what I mainly post on my personal account. More work orientated posts are on this website. If you like my Instagram account, just think that the candid, unposed shots I post here are just as applicable to your business or family event. It’s the same candid style that sets out to tell unposed stories.