Jon Buscall Photography
Documentary & Event Photography, Stockholm


Event Storytelling


One of the things I’m most passionate about when it comes to business photography is storytelling.

I’m not a great fan of posed photos with the subject looking right into the camera when you’re trying to capture the mood, the flavour of an event.

Ville and I were asked to do the event photography in Stockholm for an event at Berghs School of Communication in May. Although it was a challenge making photographs with literally hundreds of people around us, it was a lot of fun.

I spent the first hour or so photographing visitors looking at the exhibitions before focusing on telling the story of the fun people were having hanging out together in the courtyard on what was one of the first warm nights of the early summer.


My personal strategy is to shoot from the hip with a relatively small camera and prime lens and using my feet to walk as close to the subject as possible.

I know Ville uses this technique too.