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Everyday Stories with Photography


This photograph is from when I was in Barcelona last October.

It’s one of my favourite street photographs because the couple seem lost in their phone whilst the world scurries by.

I love the tranquility of the couple as they gaze into the phone whilst the rest of the world (and that includes the digital infrastructure of the phone networks) zips along.

It kind of makes me think that we lose track of the world when we look into our phone, don’t we?

I am a massive exponent of documentary photography techniques. I love the way you can get close to people and capture the very real, everyday moments with a camera.

Whether it’s street shots like this, family photography or events for business and schools in my local region of Stockholm, it’s my go-to approach. I believe there’s no better way of telling a story than capturing a moment through a lens unobserved.

Jon Buscall